This startup maintains an online platform for describing, sharing, and remixing procedures for making open source objects. Retailers can find new products to sell, tool makers and material growers can find new markets, and Makers can crowd-source novel mechanisms and materials from the community. Alchematter connects makers into a global R&D skunkworks.

The Humblefactory Lab

Dominic's Lab develops tools, materials, manufacturing techniques and design frameworks which extend the capabilities of makers around the world. Recent projects include modular electronics, garden-grown biopolymers, a productive food forest in an urban setting, tools for urban horticulture, and mobile manufacturing infrastructure.

The 100 mile Design Challenge

An ongoing project through the University of Washington. Students are challenged to design and manufacture a short run of products using materials and scales of energy that can be sourced from within 100 miles of Seattle. This project was one of 6 student projects worldwide chosen for exhibition at the New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair.